Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kids Sandwich ,,, Bento # 022

It's Sunday ,, I am so happy  ,, so relax on this beautiful day ,,

This morning, on my went back home from the Church ,, my girl called me that she wanted to make sandwich by herself. 
Cause I have plenty of times today, I agreed with her ,,,

When I came home, my kids already prepared everything (^^,) ,, the bread, the tools, butter, chocolate, etc ,, and yes today, they made their own sandwich  ,,

they were so excited and very happy  ,,

They cut the bread with bread mold and filled with choco nut and butter. For the face, they used the bread stamp.

I helped them to decorate the sandwich and put it all in the sandwich box ,,, and taaadaaaaa ,,,,,,

They put "Sylvanian Families,,the squirell, chocolate rabbit, and red deer " beside the sandwich box ,,, because they love Sylvanian Families so much ,,, They said that this Sylvanian made their sandwich looks perfect (^^,)

So glad that both my children really enjoy their time today ,,,


  1. they might make their own bento later ^^

  2. heheheehehe (^^,) ,, yes great idea Sysyl ,, thanks

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ming for your lovely compliment ,, yes, they had a great time too (^^,)