Monday, May 28, 2012

Cute Little Bento # 008

Again ,,, it's traffic jam on my way home this morning, and because of that, I only had an hour to prepare my kid's bento.

So I made simple and quick bento ... and came up with Salmon Teriyaki .... 
I put chicken nugget, brocolly, carrot, and egg  and  food pick to decorate this bento. Add some strawberry ,,,mmmm ,,,, more colorful.

and  my kids loved this ... (^^,)

Pooh Sandwich ,, Bento # 007


I use my bread mold to prepare breakfast for the kids. This is very useful for speed up. And my youngest kid picked Pooh character for her breakfast.
I Just cut the bread with Pooh cutter and press down the stamp on the top of the bread to get Pooh cute face.

Pooh sandwich fill with chocolate and cheese ,,

Cute Little Bento # 006

I made this after dropping my kids to the school and sent the bento  before the lunch time. I prepared 2 different box for my kids today (^^,)

 Inside the box : deep fried shrimp,spinach and meatball, egg, kiwi and strawberry

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stitch Sandwich ,,, Bento # 005

Today, I made sandwich with one of my girl's favorite disney character ,,, Stitch.

I filled the sandwich with butter and cheese ,, it took me just 15 minutes to prepare this bento LOL ,,, very short time. 

mmmm yummy ,, stitch cheese sandwich

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cute Little Bento #004 ,,, Animal Bento

My youngest daughter request ,,, animal shaped rice in her lunch box. So I came up with these 3 kinds of animals : dolphin, sealion, and polar bear.
I only had short times that day, because traffic jam on my way home.
Thanks to my sister ,,, she gave me this beef rolled with egg ,,, so delicious sis ,, (^^,) and ta daaaa ,,,, my cute animal bento for you girls

Cute Little Bento # 003

Here's my #3 bento ,,, I made this after dropping my kids to the school and sent the bento before the lunch time. I got my new rice mold from my best friend, thanks Mimi ,,, (^^,) so nice of you.
inside the Box : 3 big molded rice, sauteed shrimp, brocolly and carrots, and chicken sausage with egg.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cute Little Bento #002

Hello,,, this my second attempt to prepare school bento for my kids. 
With time limitation in the morning, I decided to make simple quick bento. 
Came up with beef teriyaki and some nuggets that time.
I put some carrots and chicken sausages with egg for decorations.
I made 3 kinds of rice ,,, little bear, little duck, and small car, decorate them with Nori.
It's so hard to cut nori that time, because I didn't have any puncher at all.
yupp ,,, yuppp ,,, yupp kinda satisfied with this second attempt ,, I will do better next ,,, (^^,)

Cute Little Bento #-001

Hi there, I kinda addicted with making kids bento now, after I tried my first bento ,, which I made about 2 months ago ,, 
With so limited bento gear, I tried to make cute bento for my kids. 

I made chicken teriyaki with tofu, and I packed to my kids' lunch box. 
For the rice I made with rabbit rice mold, decorate with carrot and brocolly.

my first bento ,,,