Monday, July 9, 2012

My Kids Activities and My Papercraft

It's long school holiday since end of June untill mid July 2012 ,, and today we are entering week 3. 

The kids is looking for another fun and interesting things to do today, but I suggest them to stay at home, and relax (^^,),  because My kids already had their great activities for these 2 weeks, such as these 10 favorite activities : 
  1. Met with friends at the park and played at the playground
  2. Went for a swim with their friends couple times
  3. Had a movie afternoon with some friends (Brave and Madagascar)
  4. Went for a bike ride 
  5. Took a cooking class (tour de Sushi Tei ) ,, I will upload the picture later (^^,)
  6. Took a clay class (jumping clay ) ,, 
  7. Built a simple animal papercraft ,, this took a whole day ,,LOL (^^,)
  8. Tried their first lesson of making their own sandwich, and it went great ,,, since then, they made their own breakfast for several times ,, (see pictures below ,, kids made)


 9. Beading - made some jewellery by threading beads  

10. ,,, and the most favorite one was a 3 days trip to the beach ,, 6 hours from our city ,, what a great vacation.

I tried to catch up with all those activities, and for myself, I also built some printable papercraft, and usually I built them at nite after dinner  (^^,).
I used scissor, paper trimmers, cutting mat, and glue to built these papercrafts.

I started with these disney princess' series ,,, and i finally found that building papercraft is so much fun too. Especially when we finished the whole project .

Today, after 2 weeks, I finally finished all the disney princess project ,, Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog ,,

So happy with this project (^0^)


  1. That sounds like a fun week! :) And very nice paper crafts! Did you made the rainbow sandwich buy yourself? It looks yummy ^^

    1. Yes it was a fun week. Hehehehhe (^^,)
      The rainbow bread is very popular here now, I bought it from the bakery. Taste good. And my kids only fill the bread with jam and sealed it.

    2. Can I know where do you got the Papercraft?? ^^