Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stitch Day ,,, Bento # 27

It's have been more than a week I didn't post my bento to my blog ,, (^0^) ,, since I always get stuck in traffic jam on my way home after dropped my kids ,,  experience of being stuck in the middle of vehicles, I felt so powerless to get out of it or to move as fast as I would like to (0x0)

So for more than a week, I didn't have time to go back home again after dropped the kids  ,, 

Everyday, I prepared their breakfast and lunch all together early in the morning, so I didn't have enough time to made cute one ,, (^^,)

and since today is Sunday, I'd prefer stay at home, to enjoy the day without any traffic jam ,,,,, yippppiiiieeeee \(^0^)/ ,,

I started the day with made this breakfast for my girls. For today theme, my kids choose "Stitch" theme for their bentos.

For breakfast, I made ham and cheese sandwich ,,, and add some sausages in the box ,,,

and For lunch I prepared seafood fried rice. I decorated the fried rice with stitch face made from cheese and add some fish ball at top.

Enjoy your meals girls and happy sunday all (^0^)