Friday, June 29, 2012

Hongkong Fried Rice ,,, Bento # 021

For Today Lunch ,, I made Hongkong Fried Rice ,, I had to prepare everything before 10 o'clock ,, before my girls went for swim.

After I prepared breakfast (pig rabbit burger ,, bento # 020), I made this simple and quick Hongkong Fried Rice.

Inggredients  :
2 cup of rice, cooked and left overnight and refrigerate 
3 eggs
150 g pork luncheon meat, I cut into bite size pieces
Oyster sauce and soy sauce for taste

Usually I used green peas for myself, but since my kids didn't like green peas, so I didn't add green peas this time. 

I decorated this fried rice with cheese and add delicatesa chicken sausages, ham (flower), fish ball, brocolli, and baby carrots. I Put Panda Foodpicks on the top of the food, and my youngest girl put pooh, piglet, & eeyore tiny figurine on the top of fried rice ,,, LOL ,,, (^^,)

I put everything into the Zojirushi lunch jar, because they took their lunch to the pool.

Enjoy your Lunch kids (^^,)