Friday, July 20, 2012

Snoopy and Woodstock ,, Bento # 023

Thanks GOD it's friday (^^,)

Busy week after long school holiday ,, so many things to do, and so limited times (^0^)

This morning I promised to prepared my kids' breakfast and lunch ,, so I came up with this chocolate and cheese sandwich ,, with snoopy and woodstock character ,, but my girl wanted to give her friends another character sandwich, so I made them dorami, bear, and rabbit sandwich (^^,) ,,

For my girls' lunch ,, I prepare one theme, snoopy and woodstock bento. I filled the box with rice, tamago egg, and indonesian style fried chicken (one of their favorite food). 



  1. Oh, my god! This looks so cute, i love it!! <3
    Many greetings from germany!

    1. Hallo Jade, so glad that you love my bento. Thanks so much ,,, nice to know you here (^^,)

    2. You have really a cute blog! <3 And i think i wanna try to make bento too ^^ But maybe my one cant look so cute like yours ;)

    3. thanks much Jade, yes making bento is so much fun ,, hehehehe (^^,)

  2. Super cute bentos! Love the tiny detailings :)

  3. thanks Rina ,, so glad that you love it too (^^,)