Monday, July 30, 2012

Charmy Kitty ,,, Bento # 026

Charmy Kitty n Friends

This bento was special request from my youngest daughter. She's got some kitty stickers from her friend, and asked me to make charmy kitty bento.

I had a shrimp in my refrigerator, so I cooked simple and quick one ,,,  "shrimp with oyster sauce"

My daughters really liked quail eggs, and wanted me to put these eggs again in their lunch box.

I decorated the box with brocolly, carrots, and flower egg ,, simple decoration ,,, (^^,)

That's it for today post ,, I will post another bento tomorrow ,,(^^,)


  1. This blog is so cute.. XD
    And the Kitty Bento looks so nice... maybe i couldnt eat it... its too niiiice :)

    1. Hallo Jade ,, (^^,) thanks a lot for your lovely compliment ,, glad to know that you like my blog (^^,).

  2. This is way too cute or shall I say pretty, I have to just admire it instead of eating! :)

    1. hehehehee (^^,) thanks so much Rina for your lovely compliment ,, very nice of you ,, (^^,)