Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Piggy Bento ,,,, Bento # 36

Piggy Bento

I made this lovely piggy bento for my daughter. with brocolly inside, scramble egg and dori fish. The cow actually is a cupcake from my friend. and the girls want me to put it in their lunch. (^^,) ,,, what a lovely combination I think.

,,, picmix the picture ,,, 


  1. This is so lovely and yummy looking, I love it!! I would like to wish you and you family Happy Chinese New Year!! <3

  2. Hallo Rina ,,, Happy CNY to you and your fam too ,,, and Happy valentine (^^,) ,,,
    Thanks for your lovely compliment

  3. The piggies turned out great, very cute indeed :)! You should make more bentos :).

    1. Hallo ,,, thanks for your lovely compliment ,, I am a great fans of your bentos and your blog,, your bento inspired me a lot ,, and you never stop amaze me with your awesome work (^^,) ,,,

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