Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kid's Cooking Class ,, Tour de sushi Tei

Herewith another activity of my kids during their school holiday (^^,)

Tour de Sushi Tei ,,

They learned to make sushi by themselves ,, so excited. This was their chance to make their own Sushi.

 All the ingredients already prepared by Sushi Tei Restaurant, and here's the ingredients :

sushi rice, tamago egg, crab, sweet corn, kani kamaboko, avokado, kyuri, Japanese mayonnaise and nori

They learned how to make the sushi and fun sushi rolling lessons ,,, guided by Sushi Tei chef.

 And at the end of the class, they can eat their yummy sushi. Wooww they showed their best sushi ,,,,, what an experience ,,,  

My kids really enjoyed the time  and had a lots of fun. 


  1. That looks really delicious and it sounds like fun!

  2. Wow..that sushi looks oishii and the whole activity sounds so much fun! Is it in Jakarta? May I know which branch?

    Seems like your kids have a talent in sushi making since the result is quite good ^^

    1. hihihihi (^^,) ,,, thanks Sysyl for your lovely compliment ,,

  3. So much fun and they did a great job and looks so yummy!

  4. Thank you Rina ,, yes, they really had a great time (^^,)