Monday, July 30, 2012

Charmy Kitty ,,, Bento # 026

Charmy Kitty n Friends

This bento was special request from my youngest daughter. She's got some kitty stickers from her friend, and asked me to make charmy kitty bento.

I had a shrimp in my refrigerator, so I cooked simple and quick one ,,,  "shrimp with oyster sauce"

My daughters really liked quail eggs, and wanted me to put these eggs again in their lunch box.

I decorated the box with brocolly, carrots, and flower egg ,, simple decoration ,,, (^^,)

That's it for today post ,, I will post another bento tomorrow ,,(^^,)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cute Bunny ,,, Bento # 025

Cute Bunny Bento

For last tuesday, I made Indonesian Beef Stew (semur daging). Semur is Indonesian style slow braised stew with spice. 

Because I made this semur for children, so I used Minced Beef. I shaped the beef like a meat ball, and then simmered the beef in sweet soy sauce spiced with garlic, shallot, nutmeg, and I added pepper and salt.

I add quail egg and fried tofu. Decorated the bentos with brocolly and carrots.

and happily ,, they liked it ,, (^^,)

Marie Cat Lunch ,, Bento # 024

I haven't been posting bentos for most of this week, since I have to busy to post and blog last week (^^,).

I made several bentos for my kids' lunch last week ,,  and on last Monday I came up with salmon, as one of my favourite, and happily my girls love salmon too.

Here's my marie cat bento which I packed in Zojirushi Lunch Jar

Inside the lunch jar : Steam Rice with marie cat character, Salmon Teriyaki, fish ball, and chicken ball. I decorated the jar with brocolly and carrots. 

I made 2 bentos for my 2 girls ,, (^^,)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Snoopy and Woodstock ,, Bento # 023

Thanks GOD it's friday (^^,)

Busy week after long school holiday ,, so many things to do, and so limited times (^0^)

This morning I promised to prepared my kids' breakfast and lunch ,, so I came up with this chocolate and cheese sandwich ,, with snoopy and woodstock character ,, but my girl wanted to give her friends another character sandwich, so I made them dorami, bear, and rabbit sandwich (^^,) ,,

For my girls' lunch ,, I prepare one theme, snoopy and woodstock bento. I filled the box with rice, tamago egg, and indonesian style fried chicken (one of their favorite food). 


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kid's Cooking Class ,, Tour de sushi Tei

Herewith another activity of my kids during their school holiday (^^,)

Tour de Sushi Tei ,,

They learned to make sushi by themselves ,, so excited. This was their chance to make their own Sushi.

 All the ingredients already prepared by Sushi Tei Restaurant, and here's the ingredients :

sushi rice, tamago egg, crab, sweet corn, kani kamaboko, avokado, kyuri, Japanese mayonnaise and nori

They learned how to make the sushi and fun sushi rolling lessons ,,, guided by Sushi Tei chef.

 And at the end of the class, they can eat their yummy sushi. Wooww they showed their best sushi ,,,,, what an experience ,,,  

My kids really enjoyed the time  and had a lots of fun. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chinese Dumplings (Guo Tie/Kuo Tie)

Today I made "Chinese Dumplings" for my kids. In my family these called Guo Tie / Kuo Tie. Guo Tie are so popular among the Chinese people.

I had this guo tie recipe from my grandmother ,, She taught me how to make guo tie when I was a kid, and I usually watched and helped her cook guo tie every Chinese New Year (^^,)

I started with make my own guo tie skin (the dough), with flour and water ,, The dough will be difficult to knead for a while, and after that the texture went soft and easy to knead. I have to make the skin so thin and round shape, so I can wrap  the filling in perfect shape ,, see the tutorial below to create guo tie skin ,,


The filling for guo tie can be variant, but my version today was so simple. I filled the dumpling with ground pork, chopped shrimp, vermicelli, kuchai (it's like a spring onion), and slices of fried eggs, sesame oil, sugar, pepper, and soy sauce. Stir all the ingredients for a while until well blended. Then wrap the guo tie. 

For my kids, They'd preffered a deep fried guo tie because they like crispy skin ,,,  (^0^) enjoy your guo tie ,,, kids ,,

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Kids Activities and My Papercraft

It's long school holiday since end of June untill mid July 2012 ,, and today we are entering week 3. 

The kids is looking for another fun and interesting things to do today, but I suggest them to stay at home, and relax (^^,),  because My kids already had their great activities for these 2 weeks, such as these 10 favorite activities : 
  1. Met with friends at the park and played at the playground
  2. Went for a swim with their friends couple times
  3. Had a movie afternoon with some friends (Brave and Madagascar)
  4. Went for a bike ride 
  5. Took a cooking class (tour de Sushi Tei ) ,, I will upload the picture later (^^,)
  6. Took a clay class (jumping clay ) ,, 
  7. Built a simple animal papercraft ,, this took a whole day ,,LOL (^^,)
  8. Tried their first lesson of making their own sandwich, and it went great ,,, since then, they made their own breakfast for several times ,, (see pictures below ,, kids made)


 9. Beading - made some jewellery by threading beads  

10. ,,, and the most favorite one was a 3 days trip to the beach ,, 6 hours from our city ,, what a great vacation.

I tried to catch up with all those activities, and for myself, I also built some printable papercraft, and usually I built them at nite after dinner  (^^,).
I used scissor, paper trimmers, cutting mat, and glue to built these papercrafts.

I started with these disney princess' series ,,, and i finally found that building papercraft is so much fun too. Especially when we finished the whole project .

Today, after 2 weeks, I finally finished all the disney princess project ,, Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog ,,

So happy with this project (^0^)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kids Sandwich ,,, Bento # 022

It's Sunday ,, I am so happy  ,, so relax on this beautiful day ,,

This morning, on my went back home from the Church ,, my girl called me that she wanted to make sandwich by herself. 
Cause I have plenty of times today, I agreed with her ,,,

When I came home, my kids already prepared everything (^^,) ,, the bread, the tools, butter, chocolate, etc ,, and yes today, they made their own sandwich  ,,

they were so excited and very happy  ,,

They cut the bread with bread mold and filled with choco nut and butter. For the face, they used the bread stamp.

I helped them to decorate the sandwich and put it all in the sandwich box ,,, and taaadaaaaa ,,,,,,

They put "Sylvanian Families,,the squirell, chocolate rabbit, and red deer " beside the sandwich box ,,, because they love Sylvanian Families so much ,,, They said that this Sylvanian made their sandwich looks perfect (^^,)

So glad that both my children really enjoy their time today ,,,