Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Girl's Birthday and Bento # 32

Celebrated my girl's birthday, my friend made this birthday pudding for her. When my friend asked JC what she liked for her birthday, she asked for "Stitch" theme and  ,,, 

So Surprised ,,, my friend made the most amazing birthday pudding. This Stitch birthday pudding was so memorable, beautiful and adorable,,,, She made rainbow pudding decorated with Stitch and Angel.  So colorful and Taste so delicious  ,,,,, thanks so much aunt Wei ,, (^^,) 

And I also made  this bento for her  (^^,)  ,,, she said that she really enjoyed this bento.

Inside the box : colorful rice ball, chicken stick, and slices of red snapper fish and  tofu with tausi, decorated with egg, brocolly and carrots.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello Kitty Butter Rice ,,,, Bento # 31

I woke up so early today, and made these butter rice for my girls lunches.  This was a very simple and quick bento. I used large hello kitty rice mold, it's handy for making onigiri and for making ordinary rice much cuter.

I had salmon in my refrigerator, and cooked with teriyaki sauce. Decorated with brocolly and fish cake.  So here's my quick and simple bentos for today.