Friday, June 15, 2012

Stitch ,,, Bento # 014

Today I woke up earlier to prepare my kids' lunch box. They had a special request ,,, " stitch theme " ,,, one of their favorite disney character ,,, 

I used decofuri to color the steamed rice ,,
and filled the box with shrimp teriyaki, chicken ham, and fried siumay, decorate with brocolly and cherry tomatoes.

I added strawberries, kiwi fruit, mandarin orange ,,, and Rainbow cake ,, 
My mother gave this rainbow cake for us last nite ,, the color so beautiful and this rainbow cake made my bento more colorful, right (^^,)


  1. Oh it's very nice. I like Stitch, too! What is rainbow cake? It is looking awesome. Made your mother it by herself?

    1. Hello Midori, thanks for stopping by heheheheheh (^^,) ,, glad to know that you like Stitch too.

      Rainbow cake is like a sponge cake. This one actually is steamed rainbow sponge cake. The rainbow is presented by its 7 color. Taste so delicious (^^,)