Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello Kitty Bento ,, Bento # 018 and 019

Today bento's theme :  Hello Kitty (^^,)

My big girl loves Hello Kitty so much. Because yesterday, her sister already requested Marie Cat Theme for her breakfast, so today she requested Hello Kitty.

Today is first day of school holiday, so I chose to make full bento for them.  Hope they love this kitty bento.

Bento # 018 Hello Kitty Choco Cheese Sandwich

I made this sandwich for breakfast ,, I filled the bread with chocolate and cheese. I made a kitty face with nori and decorated the plate with strawberries.

Bento # 019 Hello Kitty Bento

For  Lunch, I prepared Salmon Teriyaki ,,, 

I put everything into the Zojirushi lunch jar, because they took their lunch to the park and played after eating. 

They were very happy there with their friends ,,, yes, they had the right to go out and have some fun because it's holiday (^^,) after studied hard last semester.

and Thanks GOD, They got a very good results ,,, they both got rank # 2 in their class, so amazing ,, mom really proud of you both.

Inside the box : white rice decorated with cheese (kitty), Salmon teriyaki, flower ham, corn, carrots, and strawberries


  1. What a beautiful and yummy looking lunch. I personally love Hello Kitty :)

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely compliment Rina (^^,) ,,