Thursday, June 21, 2012

Simple Rilakkuma Bento ,,, Bento # 016

Today is my kids' last day @school ,,, tomorrow they will receive their school report. They're really excited with this. 

For this last day of school, I made them ,, simple Rilakkuma Bento ,,

I filled the box with fried rice, deep fried dori, tamagoyaki, and fish ball.

For decorate the bento, I used strawberries, kiwi fruits, brocolly, corn, and flower ham (^^,)

So full ,,, LOL ,, enjoy


  1. That's really cute! With what is the little star and the bear made? is it fish, cheese or sausage?

  2. Hai Midori, thank you for your compliment.

    The little star and bear are fancy fish ball (^^,) ,, I bought from supermarket ,, it's frozen fish ball, and we only need to boil it for a while. Taste good