Friday, June 29, 2012

Pig Rabbit Burger ,,, Bento # 020

Today, my girls went for swim with their friends at a local health club. Both my girls love being in water so I felt it was so important for them to swim regularly during holiday, and swimming is a great activity for them.

For their breakfast, I made this simple and quick burger for them. I made beef and egg burger and decorate with piggy face. It took only 15 minutes to prepare this ,, hihiihihihihihi (^^,)

The dolls in the picture are Pig Rabbit Dolls ,, this character so famous in Korea, this doll from Korean Drama "You're beautiful" ,,  One of my favourite Korean Drama.
I got this Pig Rabbit soft dolls, when my friend went to south korea last year, and she gave me this doll. And last month, when my sister went to Seoul, I asked her to buy this doll for me to add my collections ,,, so cute (^^,)

I think one day, I will try to make this pig rabbit character for my bento ,, (^^,)


  1. Yes! Swimming is great!And I love your burgers. Your girls are lucky. So cute there are real dolls from the pig rabbit? I know the drama. I watched it, too. And I love it.You did a great job!^^

  2. Hallo Midori, thanks for your lovely compliment. Glad to know that you love the drama too (^^,)
    Yes, the dolls are from pig rabbit "You're Beautiful" (small size) ,, very cute ,,