Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby Seal Bento ,,,, Bento # 29

My family is so busy that over the weekend, we make time to attend marching band competitions in our town. My daughter is in the band and the work they put in is unbelievable. They had marching band practise these past 3 weeks, from 12 to 5 ,, so tired actually, but they really enjoyed the time.

Marching band has a big family feel to it; they spend a lot of time with each other between competition and practice, which could be up to 13 extra hours including rehearsals.

They work hard, they are very respectful, they have put together a great effort and they are a great bunch of kids.

To cheer up my daughter during her rehearsal, I made this Mamegoma bento,, (^^,)  

They pick blue and pink baby seals for the bentos ,,  (^0^)

Inside the box : Dino Nugget, Pork with oyster sauce and decorated with brocolly ,, and for Jovy I put orange in the box.
The baby seal made from rice colored with deco furi  


 ok girls ,, have a nice weekend and aza aza fighting ,,and keep your spirit high (^^,)


  1. Very cute and colorful bento! I like the bento boxes too with the divided sections!:)

    1. Hello Rina, how are you ? thanks for your comment. Yes these boxes are my favourite bento box, because so colorful. (^^,)